Early morning, the phone rang, it was the Sheriff’s Dept, knowing my past, these calls were rarely pleasant… Oh how things have changed! This time they were calling to tell me they had found a stray horse loose in a local gas station parking lot the night before. They had herded him into a machine shed at farm close by and asked me to come pick him up ASAP!
Clothes on, out the door, hook up trailer – on our way, we had no idea what to expect, the only thing we knew is, we were to quarantine him at our facility until they could locate where he belonged. 30 minutes later we were face to face with a frightened little stallion, well fed, good conformation looked as though he had been taken care of… He didn’t want anybody coming close to him & apparently wasn’t familiar with a halter, except that he knew he didn’t want anything to do with it!

Time went by, the Sheriff’s Dept calling periodically, no word… We had this little man on the radio, paper, Facebook, word of mouth and nobody stepped forward. After a few weeks of nobody claiming him the Sheriff due to the cost of boarding turned him over to the ownership of Chiron Inc.

Weston was welcomed into the program! With his flight response high and showing signs of being misunderstood and handled poorly – we started establishing trust.
Impatience with a horse just shows it’s really not about the horse and here at Chiron we serve horses because horses serve us – we are in no hurry. Slow and low, each horse has their own timeline.

Weston has been gelded, he accepts the halter, picks up all for feet with a thought and a touch, he ties, he leads and he has SO much to teach and learn about leadership. He is a willing student and teacher. We are blessed by his presence!